To reduce emissions from flights we have to change our habits because we cannot rely on technology only

Time to set the facts straight Last week, the rectors of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and of Chalmers University of Technology, together with several colleagues, posted an opinion column in Dagens Nyheter to recall some scientific facts in the current debate about air travel in Sweden. First, the impact of air travel on […]

Only 3% of people fly abroad

Swedish newspaper SvD recently brought light to the fact that only 3% of the global population has flown abroad last year. This may come as a surprise to all of those who have to travel abroad frequently but flying is the exception, not the norm. Yet, air transportation is responsible for 3.5% of global warming. […]

Environment and Gender

Today is the international day for women’s rights. It is a good time to reflect on how our collective perceptions of gender affect society at large but even the environment and climate. Many pieces of research have shown that women tend to change their behaviour in order to harm the environment less, whereas men tend to […]